About this Site

Our sincere thanks go out to all who have contributed material, and to the many friends and colleagues we have met, or corresponded with, that have made The Norfolk and Norwich Family what it is today.

A special thank-you goes to Ken Ward for designing and producing this web site, the book, and his endless dedication during the past two years.

The material for this web site has been gathered over the past few years from many sources. Much without knowing who the original source was. We have, where the source is known, acknowledged them. For any we have missed, please accept our sincere apologies.

We need contributions
A web site is like a book that you've never finished writing.
With this site we have laid the foundations.
We would like to see the pages of the individual Family communities expanded with contributions from anyone within or with an interest in them - Historians, Schools, Amateur photographers, etc.......
And don't forget web links. Please send us web addresses of your local web sites or tell them about us. And if you would like to link to our site, please do so.

We would also like to hear about Norwich and Norfolk communities that have been lost over the years. There's a job for you historians!

And of course, anyone who have traced their family tree back to some of those original settlers from Norwich and Norfolk, England.

Finally, if you spot any mistakes, please let us know.

Derek Bickford-Smith (Originator and Co-ordinator of the Norfolk & Norwich World Family)
E-mail dimsmith@netcom.co.uk

Ken Ward (Editor & Webmaster)
E-mail webmaster@oldcity.org.uk

both in Norwich, Norfolk, England
July 2005