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Hingham town sign
Hingham Town Sign. Abraham Lincoln's forefathers came from Hingham.
Photograph © Ken Ward 2002

Among the passengers on the first voyage of the Mayflower to the New World were 64 men, women and children from Norfolk and Norwich. Many more were to follow in their footsteps. And with them they took the names of the towns, villages and county that they came from.
Their progress across New England is marked with the settlements they established and named. Later, some of them moved inland and across the border into Canada and again named their settlements after their original homeland.

Centuries later, with the discovery of the Australia, many more of our citizens left these shores, not as willing immigrants but as convicts to the new penal colony. Although they certainly contributed to the growth of Australia, they never left their mark in place names.

Captain Cook, on his voyage of discovery, named Norfolk Island off Australia, and it is from that connection we now have communities named Norfolk in Australia.

In more recent times many local women went to America with their new American husbands after the Second World War, and more of our citizens joined the large emigrations to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.