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Norfolk Estate
Quinns Rock

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Norfolk Estate, Quinns Rock, Western Australia

Population: ?
Administration: ?
Location: 31º45´S 115º43´E

Quinns Rocks began as a coastal village approximately 35 km north of Perth, populated by retirees, holiday makers and fishermen.
It takes its name from the offshore reef first noted during a coastline survey by Surveyor James Cowle in 1867. Although spelt with a double 'n', the rocks are thought to have been named after Robert Quin who emigrated to Western Australia in 1863 and was appointed as an Assistant Surveyor on his arrival. Quin died in July 1886. The general area on the coast opposite the rocks was referred to as Quinns Rocks by the Wanneroo Road Board when they requested the survey of a road to that place in November 1925. Later the place also came to be called "Wanneroo Beach".
There was some pastoral activity in the general area sometime after 1860, with first official pastoral grants being issued in 1888. The first actual land title in the area was not given until 1940. Quinns Rocks was declared a townsite in 1962.
Norfolk estate is a Landstart development project at Quinns Rock.
(Our thanks to Alastair Honeybun, Administrator for most of this information)

About Norfolk Estate
Text and photographs by Hazel Cook.

We are an estate in Quinns Rocks and I guess we came by the name through the developers of the estate. The estate is about ten years old now. There are streets named after Norfolk Island and the "Mutiny on the Bounty", e.g. Christian Circle, Mutiny Terrace, and Pitcairn Entrance, to name a few.
This estate is part state housing, with a 1:12 ratio of 'Homeswest' to private dwellings. We have many nationalities here. In our street we have Australian, Aboriginal, English, French, Maltese, Japanese, Afghan and Spanish. (Our Canadian neighbours moved last year!).
It is a very interesting mix...

Left: Norfolk House. The house has been made available for community use and currently has craft groups, playgroups, various courses, and resident association meetings etc. being held there.

Right: Photo of a fun day which was held here. This man came with all kinds of kites and talked to the children about them and then they made some and flew them on Foundation Park, which is what you see pictured. It was actually so windy that he couldn't fly his big kites.
As you look at the photograph, imagine a 15 minute walk across the park and up the opposite street and you will come to the Indian Ocean, absolutely gorgeous.
What a privilege to live here!

Left: Quinns Beach Primary School.
The school has only been going for a couple of years.

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