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Imprints Newsletter
Spring 2007

Imprints Newsletter
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Costume Work Info
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Plans for coming year..

The Friends have expanded the area used for the plant plots in the winter and this year there will be a wider range of plants being grown. Wheat and rye have been sown with the aim of harvesting and making a bread roll by the end of the year. There are no big projects planned for this year but we are hoping to make objects which will make the Living House look more inhabited, some period tools for display too. There will probably be other times when some help is required to assist in the progress of re-thatching the Living House. If you would like to get involved in any aspects of West Stow please let us know.

Friends Activities - Update May 2007

On the good news front, work to build the new farmers house should commence in June. there is a possibility there may be a TV programme following the progress. at the same time the living house will be rethatched.

5th May 2007. Pottery workshop. learn about pottery styles of the West Stow period and have a bash at making your own pot. This is great way to learn about the pottery of the period and great fun making your own pot. please phone the village to book a place.

6th & 7th May. Stowacynn (West Stows very own "family") will be in the village. On the Sunday evening there will be a friends social in the village, a great opportunity to meet up. Bring something to cook over the fire and something to drink.

12th May. An introductory workshop to basket weaving styles and a chance to make your own basket. Booking is essential for this workshop and it is only open to those over 16 ( due to the use of sharp pointy things!)

12th & 13th May. Venta will be visiting the village to present a picture of Romano-British family life.

19th & 20th May. The People of Eoferwic will be in the village demonstrating smithying techniques and skills as they may have been carried out in the Anglo-Saxon period.

20th May. if you want to escape from the bustle of the village there will be a guided walk in the country park with medicinal plant expert Julie Dore. Please phone to book a place for this event.

26th to 28th May. there will be a themed event in the village titled "Who wore the Anglo-Saxon trousers". Looking at the role of women during the period. There will be a quiz for children and teenagers.

9th & 10th June. Time to dust off the skills and have a go at making things, not in Anglo Saxon costume.
Details still to be finalised but what we are looking at is using our wood, leather, basket, pottery, metal, weaving skills to make items to display in the village on activity days.
These are not workshops but hopefully those with more confidence and skills can help others. This is our first attempt at this so we don't know what to expect. Please can you let us know if you intending to come and help, what you would like to do.

Friends Involvement at West Stow
Please consider helping at West Stow, there are lots of small things that need a few hours effort put in to achieve a significant improvement. Requests for help in the newsletter or by email sometimes go unanswered; it would really help if every Friend could aim to do something for an afternoon once a year.

Tel: 01284 728718 or email:

Updated 14 June 2007