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The final room we were shown is a bit of a mystery. I must confess I seemed to totally lose my orientation on the way to this room, but I have a feeling we finished up outside the boundary of the Curat House.
This roofing, to me, looks more 1800's/1900's - the days of the steam engines.
If anyone can throw light on this I would be grateful.

And that's it.

Sadly we didn't get to see the courtyard entrance which still exists (This photograph (c) George Plunkett, was taken in 1936), or if one of the hexagonal turrets still survives.

I asked at the shop if I could quickly see and photograph the courtyard, and was told I would have to contact the company. Unfortunately, an email to the John David Group has been ingored, as has a letter to the Chairman.

Sorry to say, but JD Sports are not completely sporting!!
One final footnote: In 1894 the cellars were excavated and the remains were found of a Jewish woman murdered by husband. (The Curat house stands in what was the Jewish area after the Norman conquest). Many years ago there was talk of the house being haunted.

Now I'm not claiming anything, but among the photographs I took during the visit, was this one......
No-one was smoking!

My thanks to George Plunkett for allowing the use of his photographs,
and thanks to JD Sports for allowing us to see at least parts of what is
a Listed Ancient Monument.

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