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Walk out of the arcade, and up the hill a few steps, then turn around and take in the splendour of the back entrance with its ornate tiling and stained glass.

Royal Arcade, East entranceStained glass window, Royal Arcade

The hill you've just walked up, now called Arcade Street, was cut thro' to the Castle ditches at the time of The Angel, and was originally called Angel Street.

Back in the days when this was the rear entrance to the Royal Hotel, Bullards had a pub next to it in Back of the Inns - 'The White Rose'. When the Royal Arcade was built, this pub was re-built and extented to incorporate the end of the arcade, as 'The Arcade Stores' pub.

When the west side of Back of the Inns was redeveloped in the 1960's, the ground floor of the pub was demolished and replaced with a plate-glass fronted butchers shop, and the curved section remodelled to match the right-hand arcade entrance.

Arcade Stores c1950 - copyright unknown
Arcade Stores c1950 - copyright unknown

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George Skipper designed many of the more unusual buildings in Norwich, including the magnificent Norwich Union building in Surrey Street.

He built his own office in London Street, now disguised at street level by the bland modern windows of a department store, but if you look above the shop windows (difficult now with the trees in the street) you can see a series of carved scenes with an architect/building theme.

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