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Dad Savage
Polygram Films - 1997
Director: Betsan Morris Evans
Screenplay: Steven Williams

Cast: Patrick Stewart, Kevin McKidd, Helen McCrory

Dad Savage is a strange sort of East Anglian version of Reservoir Dogs with even stranger casting - Star Trek's Captain Picard plays Dad Savage - a Country & Western loving tulip growing villain.

The son of Dad Savage has two friends who he recruits into his fathers 'business'. We never know what the 'business' he has on the side really is, we have to assume it's illegal because the lads find out the old man has buried his money or 'pension fund' as he calls it. The lads decide to steal it, and that's where everything goes wrong.
We know it all ends in disaster because early in the film we see a car crash through the floorboards into a dusty cellar with the occupants thrown in all directions. But you have to watch the film through to get the full story as it jumps back and forth all the time.

Locations used on this film also jump all over the place. The tulip fields could be anywhere on the Norfolk - Lincolnshire border. The pine forest again could be anywhere. Wells is used a couple of times for the meeting of the lads and the country & western night Dad Savage goes to.
I also spotted Hunstanton in a couple of shots as well.

Wells: East Anglia map Ref: C1
Hunstanton: East Anglia map Ref: B1

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