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Dark Ages
Granada Comedy Productions - 1999
Director: Steve Bendelack
Script: Rob Grant

Cast: Phil Juitus, Pauline McLynne, Alistair McGowan, Dave Lamb, Paul Punter & Jason Byrne.

Dark Ages is a 5 part TV comedy written by Bob Grant, creator of the cult Sci-Fi series - Red Dwarf.
First broadcast on ITV 20th-27th December 1999

It is set in an Anglo-Saxon village in the year 999 AD. As the new Millennium approaches there are prophesies of the end the world and doom & gloom.
Gudrun, the blacksmith, just wants a quite life, but as if he didn't have enough on his hands with his wife and daughter, he is put in charge of building a large weird shaped structure to mark the Millennium.

A satire on present day fears, dealing with invaders from Europe, an unstable currency, and an obsession with building something to mark the beginning of a new era.

The Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow East Anglia map Ref: C4
was suitably dirtied up for the location shots of the series.

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