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The Seventeenth Child
by Ethel George
The Seventeenth Child

Welcome to the Old City Bookshelf.
Here you will find reviews of books old & new about Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk & East Anglia from the 'Old City' bookshelves.

Many of the old books listed are now only available second-hand, and are included as it is hoped to build this up into a reference of books about East Anglia.

Please note: The book publishers & ISBN numbers are taken from the books in my collection, and the books may now be available from different publishers with new ISBN numbers. Likewise, cover illustrations may vary with reprints, and publishers may be different in other parts of the world.

Recent Updates:
Updated: 29 June 2006
Latest entries:
Norwich Tramways by David Mackley (2000 - Norwich section)
Observations and Reflections by John Bennett (2005 - Norwich section)
The Seventeenth Child by Ethel George (2006 - Norwich section)
A Broads-Eye View by Mike Page (2005 - Norfolk section)
plus many older books.

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